Executive Board

Board Position: President 2012-2013, Vice President 2011-2012
Name: Selma Rodriguez
Major: Psychology/Biology
Hometown: Norwalk, CA
Hobbies: Spend time with my loved ones including my adorable pets, Study, Learn, Work, Read, watch movies, play video games, hangout with my awesome cabinet members, and Travel.
Goal: To pursuit a career in the Dental or Nursing field.
A few things about me: I am a very humble, caring, and determine individual who appreciates and enjoys every moment of my life.
Board Position: Vice President
Name: Ricardo Placencia
Major: Cell/Molecular Biology
Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA
Hobbies: Soccer, Surf, Skate, Advocate, Basketball, Mentor, Paintball, Run, Volleyball, Hike 
Goal: My goal is to be a Dentist. I hope to join the battle against health disparities in underserved communities. 
A few things about me: I’m fluent in Spanish. On October of 2011 I joined the non-profit org AeroMedicos Santa Barbara on a medical mission down to Baja California Sur, Mexico, to assist and translate for the Physicians and Dentists as we provided free healthcare to the fishing villages of Cadeje and Mulege. Another thing about me, I get up early on weekend mornings to watch the English Premier League soccer games, Manchester City is my team.
Board Position: Secretary and Webmaster 2012-2013, Publicity Chairperson 2011-2012
Name: Cristina Alexandra Arnao
Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology
Hometown: Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Hobbies: Pilates, hiking, reading, scenery, and dancing Peru’s urban music 
Goal: Dental Surgeon
A few things about me: I have been inspired by my ancestral heritage which roots back from Peru, Chile, and China. Given the opportunity to tour the city of Macchu Picchu in Cuzco and the streets of Lima, my mission in oral healthcare is to help minorities in underprivileged communities around the world.  After obtaining my dental degree, I would love to specialize in oral pathology or periodontal care. 
Board Position: Treasurer 2012-2013
Name: Kumar Tiger
Major: Microbiology
Hometown: Carson, CA
Hobbies: Sports, Biomedical Research, Traveling, Hiking, Politics, Stargazing, Aquarists
Goal: Biomedical Scientist Ph.D.
A few things about me:  I am a person of perseverance and in all the things I do I am seeking knowledge whether it is in a particular hobby or aiding in the field of science to help people overcome health disparities.
Board Position: Fundraiser 2012-2013
Name: Nancy Novo
Major: Biology
Hometown: Newark, NJ
Hobbies: Painting, Cooking, Baking, Photography, Discovering new places, Volunteering, Reading, Yoga, Expanding my Horizons
Goal: My ultimate goal is to attend medical school to become an addiction and/or geriatric psychiatrist. I want to have a joint therapy and consultation with patients to access whether their illness may be treated with therapy sessions; therefore dismissing drug dependency and promoting lifestyle change
A few things about me: I am the first-born American in my family for my parents emigrated from Portugal. My family is very important to me. I am fluent in four languages, I love travelling and learning about different cultures. I believe that everyday, every moment is a new chance to start from scratch and begin again. 
Position: Philanthropist Chairman 2012-2013
Name: Christopher Fernandez
Major: Cellular & Molecular Biology
Hometown: Hermosa Beach, California
Hobbies: Surfing, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Traveling, and working with young kids
Goal: My goal is to get admitted into medical school in which would allow me to pursue a medical doctor and masters in business administration degree. I would later like to specialize in cardio thoracic surgery, orthopedic surgery, anesthesiology, or internal medicine. I would also like to expand my cultural competency in order to better prepare myself for the many health disparities our populations suffer from.
A few things about me: I’ve been surfing since I was 7 years old, I have visited 10 different countries, I’m a sophomore, and I love the beach.
Board Position: Publicity Chairperson 2012-2013, Historian 2011-2012
Name: Libni Reyes
Major: Biology
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Goal: Physician’s Assisting
A few things about me
Board Position: Historian 2012-2013
Name: Aldo Alvarez
Major: Biochemistry
Hometown: Torrance, CA
Hobbies: Play soccer, basketball, go to sporting events, work, study, take road trips, hang out with friends, and work on cars
Goal: To become a pharmacist and a cancer therapeutic
A few things about me: I have been playing soccer since I was 4 and I used to play for the 1991 Atlas reserve squad in Mexico which is the rival to my favorite soccer team.  I have wanted to become a pharmacist since I was 13, I’ve worked very different jobs since I was 17, and I am a car enthusiast.